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Gourmet Grinds & Brews, LLC  
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Andrew Piffer
Managing Member
We have over 30 years of service in the Hospitality Industry. Our goal is to make
your venture into the Hospitality Industry as seamless as possible.  We offer
Consulting from start to finish, or if your organization is already open and would like
to enhance your operation we can provide assistance.  We offer three different
Options that can be streamlined to fit your needs.

Our goal is to make you successful and profitable.

With an Experienced partner helping you to create your dream,
Your dream can become reality.
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  • Location layout
  • POS recommendations
  • Report set up
  • Menu review
  • Profit and Loss reports, including Cost of Goods, Labor and Controlables
  • Proforma for one, three and five year plans
  • ServSafe: Instructor and Proctor for employee training
  • Etc...
To succeed, sometimes you need a few extra hands….
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